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Many of our clients have relied on us for oven repair services in Wichita, Benton, and the surrounding areas. We provide fast and efficient fixes for even the most frustrating problems, allowing us to build lasting relationships with a wide range of people over the years, allowing them to relax in the kitchen and enjoy flavorful meals without any hassle.

If your oven has frequent problems, you should call a pro like Round To It Appliance Repair! Repairs for ovens can range from addressing a problem with the temperature to fixing an oven that isn’t heating up enough. Uneven cooking is also a common occurrence in these instances. Failure of the heating element or ignitor is another regular cause of a flickering or extinguished pilot. Whatever the issue may be, you can trust that we will know how to fix it!

When Does Your Oven Need Repair?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when your oven is having a problem, and you may be unsure if you need oven repair. If something feels off, don’t doubt it! If there are any issues at all with your oven, you should get in touch with Round To It Appliance Repair immediately. It’s important to take care of your oven because it is often hooked to gas or electric lines, and these could cause serious problems for your home, family, and property if you don’t address the issue.

Here are a few of the common symptoms that there is a problem with your oven:

If you’re experiencing any of the above, or other issues with your oven, then please give us a call today at(316) 844-7650 and schedule an appointment for your oven repair service! You can count on our locally and family-owned business to help you with all of your oven and appliance needs.

What Are Some Of The Common Issues That Need Oven Repair?

Even if you’ve taken perfect care of your Wichita oven, problems can still arise due to wear and tear. Accidents can also happen, and a small incident that may be forgettable to you, could have caused damage to your oven.

Here are a few common issues that require oven repair:

Light Bulb Has Burnt Out

After prolonged use, the oven’s surface lights frequently fail. It’s simple to change the light bulb by gaining access to the space behind the panels and screws. Panels can be securely reinstalled and screwed in after the new one has been swapped in.

Seal Has Worn Out

If heat is escaping from around the door of your gas oven, you may need to replace the rubber seal or gasket. Move your hand around the exterior of the area where the door seals to determine if this is a problem. The seal should be replaced by a professional like those at Round To It Appliance Repair if you can feel warm air escaping.

Fuse Has Given Up

It is possible for a blown fuse to render an oven inoperable. The heater will be getting power, but it won’t be producing heat. Since the fuse box is typically located on the top of the appliance, the elements and drip pans must be removed before the fuse can be changed. This should be handled by a professional like the technicians at Round To It Appliance Repair. A new fuse can be installed once the old one is determined to be at fault.

Always check to see that your appliance is in top shape for optimal performance. As a result, your cooking and baking endeavors will be less taxing on the environment and your appliances. Maintaining your oven once a year will ensure its continued functionality and help you avoid any unpleasant surprises. When you need oven repair in Wichita, you know that you can count on Round To It Appliance Repair!