Hello, my name is Mark and I am the owner of Round To It Appliance Repair.

Our story started at a difficult time, in February 2020. Despite the brief hiatus due to the pandemic, we got back on our feet by June 2020, and once more in September 2020 after undergoing a car accident.

Even with the most challenging year of our lives, Round To It Appliance Repair has shown that we are a resilient team and have been able to thrive! We proudly have over a thousand satisfied customers since our inception, and are eager to serve another thousand more.

I have an industrial background, having worked on large scale conveyors for tractors, cranes, engineering, and micro robots. Along the way, I’ve tutored electronics and aviation mechanics, written appliance repair textbooks, and trained front-line personnel in the art of repair. To say that I love learning and teaching how to repair appliances may not convey just how much passion I have for this industry.

I am happy to say that appliance repair cannot be outsourced, and I enjoy assisting everyday people of all types who just want to get the laundry done, cook dinner, and keep their food safe. If you give us a call, you can speak with Brenda, my mother – please tell her I said hello! You will also meet my nephew Zac if the job requires some muscle. For the time being, we are a family business, with the intention to continue expanding. Thank you, Mom and Zac!

Thank you for trusting your home to our locally and family-owned business, and we look forward to servicing your appliances soon!